Featured Suppliers

The World of non alcoholic drinks is growing by the day – and we definitely applaud that!! The more alcohol free choices there are, the better it is for all of us soberistas. 

Below you’ll see our regularly updated list of featured suppliers – these are makers of non alcoholic drinks who we have tried many times, and we know they produce great drinks on a consistent basis.

mockingbird spirit logo

Mockingbird Spirit

The new kid on the block, but a definite disruptor in the non alcoholic spirit space, Mocking Bird has produced something unlike anything else. We love them for their innovation and dedication to using vegan and natural ingredients such as Ashwagandha. One to watch.

seedlip logo


It’s hard to imagine the non alcoholic space without Seedlip – they pioneered and championed non alcoholic spirits, and have continued to forge forward.  With a clear focus on quality, they continue to set the pace with pre mixed cans and new blends – they always feature on our top five.

xachoh logo


 Xachoh is a premium brand producing fantastic tasting non alcoholic spirits – Blend no 5 is consistently one of our go to drinks for any event. Ideal as an introduction into why the non alcoholic space is so exciting, if you’re looking for an alcoternative, this could be the one.

pentire logo


If you’e going to do one thing, then do it well – and that’s exactly what Pentire have done with their coastal botanicals non alcoholic spirit. They have produced a premium spirit alternative that oozes charm and character. What you get when you buy Pentire is a true taste of Cornish authenticity.

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