Well it’s 2020 ( at the time of writing ) and the World is a different place, seemingly changing by the day at the moment, some for the better and some for the worse. But this isn’t a heavy, hard hitting current affairs blog post, no this is something much more enjoyable – one of the changes we’re witnessing right now is the migration people are making from drinking alcohol at every opportunity, to experimenting with low and no alcoholic drinks!

It feels like for years the only option for the designated driver of the group was a Becks Blue, or gallons of gassy Coke or Sprite, which after the 3rd pint becomes both boring and incredibly unhealthy. So it is with truly open arms we welcome the emergence of the alcohol alternative market, whereby drinks makers are taking tee total options with the same care and dedication they have traditionally put into their alcohol based options.

It’s not just lagers that come with a 0% abv anymore either – oh no – you name it, it’s available as an alcohol free option – white wine, red wine, gin, vodka and tequila – all available right now with no more alcohol in than a pint of tap water – and as we’ll help you find, some are a lot more tasty and healthy than the traditional house double and slimline tonic you might be have been used to. Because these alcoholic alternatives ( Alcoternatives ) can’t rely on the intoxication that alcohol brings, they instead have to make sure that they bring a drink to the table that is satisfying to the taste buds, quenches your thirst, and increasingly adds something healthy to the temple that is your body.

How do you know which one is right for you though? That’s exactly where we come in – we’ll give you the full lowdown on the every product in the market, including tasting notes, the ideal occasion and where you can find it to buy for the best price.

As the low and no alcohol market grows ( and it is growing faster than any other cold beverage market in the UK today ) we’ll keep you upto date with the best options for YOU.

We’re more than a review service pointing you in the right direction of the best alcohol free alternatives – we’re also here to celebrate and support the sober community as a whole. As a soberista myself, I know how hard the journey to sobriety can be, and want this site to help anyone and everyone who is either sober or is thinking of trying it out. No judgements, no forced philosophies, just good advice and encouragement.

More than anything I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful in some way, shape or form.

Shaun x