Xachoh Blend No 5 Review

Xachoh Blend No 5 is one of the more premium alcohol free spirits we’ve had the pleasure to try – read on to find why we liked it so much….






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It's perfect for...

Xachoh No 5 is that drink that acts as a treat – tough day at work? Good day at work? Birthday? Whatever the occasion, this the drink to pour when you want to give yourself something a little special.

The Review

Xachoh Blend No 5 is the serious non alcoholic drinkers drink – not in terms of someone who slugs back a bottle a night, but in terms of the person who is looking for an actual alternative to that premium gin or vodka brand – someone who is willing to pay to have quality, because after all, with Xachoh – that’s exactly what you’re getting…quality.

The Taste

Complex. That’s one way of describing the taste, but I can also understand this doesn’t help you make a choice whether you might like the drink. Let me try harder – it’s got a hardness to it that immediately makes you realise this isn’t a sugary sweet nectar type drink – rather it’s an elixir with a cool hardness and some complex botanical flavours in.

When is it for?

Special occasions is a given, but also for those dinner parties when everyone else is having expensive wine – treat yourself to this.

Is there anything to watch out for?

Absolutely – your friends asking you if they can try some!!!


Where to buy Xachoh Blend No 5

Xachoh isn’t available everywhere – it’s not the sort of drink you’ll find in your local Tesco Express, but fear not, we’ve tracked down the top 3 places you can find it :

Amazon - £28.99

You can get Xachoh Blend 5 from a variety of suppliers on Amazon, they all carry it for the same price of £28.99 – click here to buy.

Master of Malt - £28.95

Whilst not a sober persons best choice of shop, Master of Malt does stock an impressive range of low and no alcohol drinks, Xachoh Blend No 5 being one of them. Click here to buy.