Pentire Adrift Review

Pentire Adrift is a courageous and insanely tasty alcoternative based on coastal botanicals – read on …..






Alcoternative Score

It's perfect for...

Pentire Adrift has a chilled vibe. I love having a glass, with ice & lemon on a Sunday afternoon  – maybe while reading the paper, or sat in the garden. It’s the sort of drink that just makes you feel cool, calm and collected. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway – its perfect with a fish dish.

Pentire Adrift Review

Pentire Adrift is an experience. It’s different, it’s classy and it’s unafraid of its identity in a field that can sometimes look crowded by look and taste alike brands. There’s nothing safe about this brand, but neither are they flash or garish with their confidence. Pentire is a beautifully crafted non alcoholic spirit – and whilst things like packaging do not a good drink make – the way this bottle arrives delivered, carefully ensconced in branded paper, lets you know you’re about to touch taste buds with the upper echelons of the alcohol free spirit World. It doesn’t disappoint.

The Taste

Cool and fresh. They’re the two words that leap to mind when I think of Pentire – and why wouldn’t they when you consider that the flavour is derived from botanicals and plants taken from the North Cornish coastline, including :

  • Rock Samphire 
  • Sage 
  • Pentire Plant Blend
  • Citrus
  • Cornish Sea Salt 

When is it for?

This is the go to chilling out drink – it smacks of a slower pace of life and has a coolness about it that doesn’t so much scream chilled vibes as murmurs them subtly to you. Pentire Adrift comes into its own as a drink to be enjoyed outside at BBQ’s or picnics – or sitting in the garden having a lazy afternoon or evening. It goes well with fish, salads and, through a complete coincidence, we found out is amazing with pasta.

Is there anything to watch out for?

When you open the bottle, take a long, good smell of the bottle – it could be my imagination, but it genuinely felt like I could smell the Cornish coastline….

Where to buy Pentire Adrift

Pentire Adrift is a premium brand and is not readily available on the High Street ( unless you live in Knightsbridge and Harrods is your Highstreet grocery store – it is stocked there ), but you can buy it online at a number of places – see below :

Pentire Website - £26.80 (70cl)

Where better to buy the product than from the manufacturers themselves. Pentire Spirits have their own online store, you can buy a bottle of 70cl Pentire Adrift directly from here – simply click here.

Amazon - £26.99 (70cl)

If you have an Amazon Prime account, or are doing some overall shopping, you could always buy Pentire Adrift from the shopping megalith that is Amazon – simply click here.