Seedlip Spice 94 Review

Seedlip Spice 94 is where it all started for us at Alcoternative, and it to this day, it remains a firm favourite. Read more to find out why….






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It's perfect for...

Seedlip Spice 94 is THAT drink. You know the one, the one that signifies the end of the working week, the treat, the one that hits the spot…yeah THAT one. Its great with spicey food ( Indian, Lebanese and Persian we find work best ).

Seedlip Spice 94 Review

When you think of non alocholic spirits, the chances are, the brand that features at the forefront of minds more than any other is Seedlip.

Pioneers in the early alcohol free market, they’ve strived to stay on top of their game with the introduction of new blends, and Spice 94 is one such blend.

It’s only fair to note at this point that it is also the original non alcohol spirit that we tried and hooked us into the World of spirits and drinks that were amazing….and non alcoholic, so it does have a special place in our hearts, but, we like to think, for good reason.

The Taste

Complex. That’s one way of describing the taste, but I can also understand this doesn’t help you make a choice whether you might like the drink. Let me try harder – it’s got a hardness to it that immediately makes you realise this isn’t a sugary sweet nectar type drink – a cool hardness with some complex botanical flavours in.

When is it for?

This is a great addition to a spicy meal – think dinner parties, think aromatic gragrant dishes – and you’ve got the perfect opportunity to pour a Seedlip Spice 94. 

It’s also nice for an evening of socialising, at home or out. I tend not to turn to this drink if it’s more of a party atmosphere-  it feels too much of an interesting drink to gulp back in that sort of environment. It’s gorgeous spicy taste, driven by aromatic Jamaican AllSpice berries and cardamom is something to be savoured with every sip – and on this ( taste ) note, my preference is to serve it simply with plain tonic water so as not to detract from the taste at all.

If I had to pick an ideal scenerio ( or two ) for this drink, it would be sat in the garden on a late Summers evening having a chat with friends, or in front of a log fire at Christmas – yes it’s that versatile 🙂

Is there anything to watch out for?

Keep stocked up – it’s not unheard of for us to go through a bottle a week easily.


Where to buy Seedlip Spice 94

Seedlip Spice 94, like a lot of the Seedlip flavors, is widely available. You can in all likelyhood pick up a bottle from your local supermarket, but the best prices are usually online – we’ve featured them below :

Amazon - £27.95

Seedlip Spice 94 is available on Amazon ( as well as the whole range of Seedlip drinks ) and is available in a variety of sizes. Just click here to buy.

Seedlip Store - £26.00

Seedlip have a decent store themselves, and you can pick up Spice 94 for £26.00 – click here to buy.