Mockingbird OG Non Alcoholic Spirit Review

Mockingbird Spirit is the first non alcoholic tequila inspired drink – and it’s already become a firm favourite of ours. Read on to find out why….






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It's perfect for...

Mockingbird is indeed a rare species in that it is perfect for so many different ocassions. Afternoons chilling in the garden, parties, dinner parties ( definitely Mexican inspired ones ) and just as a relaxing Friday night drink. We’re basically saying keep a bottle at the ready at all times.

Mockingbird Spirit Review

We probably didn’t realise as an industry ( non alcoholic drink industry ) we were waiting for this drink until it arrived – and then all of a sudden we REALLY realised we were missing it. Mockingbird has achieved something that I don’t think anyone has managed to do – an exceptionally authentic tequila alternative. But the magic doesn’t stop there – they’ve managed to make this drink multi faceted in its appeal by using natural and healthy ingredients, such as the adaptogen ashwagandha, so not only is this a real treat of a drink to have, it’s actually good for you at the same time – now tell me an alcoholic drink that can boast the same!!!

Perhaps the other thing that Mockingbird brings to the table is that it is SO different to all the other non alcoholic spirits out there. The smokiness, the slight feeling of heat from the habenero chilli’s – this is really a drink that is in a class of its own.

The Taste

Smokey, intense and dare I say it, but moorish. Mockingbird is really unique in its texture and flavour – but this works to its favour in that its great as a long drink with tonic or soda water, but where it turns up a level or two is when you use it to make a mocktail. We’ve played with the classic Margarita and a Tequila Sunrise, and both were head and shoulders above any others we’ve tried. 

When is it for?

Well we do try to categorise drinks to help you choose, but Mockingbird is great for just about any time or occasion. I guess if we had to pinpoint it though, we’d say dinner parties and parties – or whenever you fancy a cocktail. We’ve had it at BBQ’s and just as an afternoon relaxing long drink and it really fits the bill for all the above. From out of nowhere, Mockingbird has established itself as an ever present in the Alcoternative Sober Drinks cabinet.

Is there anything to watch out for?

Buy two bottles at a time. One bottle just doesn’t last long enough and we can’t bare to be without it.

Where to buy Mockingbird Spirit

Mockingbird Non Alcoholic Spirit is a new brand and thye are obviously being premium with where they are being stocked – but you can get it online from their website or Amazon – see below:

Mockingbird Spirit Website - £22.99 (50cl)

Mockingbird have done an amazing job of carrying their brand identity to their website – no simple white backgrounds here, no this website screams arriba arriba with its cool colours and vibrant imagery – go ahead and check it out and buy – simply click here.

Amazon - £22.99 (50cl)

We’re pleased to see we can pick up a bottle of Mockingbird from Amazon – but they so seem to sell pretty fast – simply click here.