Clean Liquor Co No 10 Review

Amidst the growing no of no and low alcohol gins, Clean Liquor Co have delivered a quality product – No 10.






Alcoternative Score

It's perfect for...

The Clean Liquor Co No 10 is absolutely THAT spirit to give people who want to know what all the fuss is about with non alcoholic spirits – it’s so close to the real thing, that we genuinely checked the bottle when we first tried it – we were worried it was a full on Gin!! 

The Clean Liquor Co No 10 Review

The Clean Liquor Co is the non alocholic spirit company founded and driven by none other than celebrity Spencer Matthews. He of Made in Chelsea fame has concocted and released a really good quality non alcoholic alternative to gin. No gimickery or sugary made up alternatives, this smacks of class and authenticity.

The Taste

Ever had gin before? Yeah? Ok this is what that tastes like 🙂

Seriously, the no 10 blend is without a doubt the closest we’ve come to with a non alcoholic gin that imitates the real thing.

When is it for?

This is the go to chilling out drink – it smacks of a slower pace of life and has a coolness about it that doesn’t so much scream chilled vibes as murmurs them subtly to you. Pentire Adrift comes into its own as a drink to be enjoyed outside at BBQ’s or picnics – or sitting in the garden having a lazy afternoon or evening. It goes well with fish, salads and, through a complete coincidence, we found out is amazing with pasta.

Is there anything to watch out for?

If the taste of gin could be a trigger for you, don’t go for this spirit!!! But if you are looking for the nearest to real life alternative without the alcohol, definitely go for this one!!

Where to buy The Clean Liquor No 10?

Pentire Adrift is a premium brand and is not readily available on the High Street ( unless you live in Knightsbridge and Harrods is your Highstreet grocery store – it is stocked there ), but you can buy it online at a number of places – see below :

Pentire Website - £26.80 (70cl)

Where better to buy the product than from the manufacturers themselves. Pentire Spirits have their own online store, you can buy a bottle of 70cl Pentire Adrift directly from here – simply click here.

Amazon - £26.99 (70cl)

If you have an Amazon Prime account, or are doing some overall shopping, you could always buy Pentire Adrift from the shopping megalith that is Amazon – simply click here.